Imagine a world without hate…

To all my friends, loved ones and colleagues,

I’m very excited to share a new video that we just launched today for the Anti Defamation League (ADL), in honor of their 100th Anniversary. This powerful film, set to John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine,” pays tribute to the legacies of those whose lives were cut short because of hatred and bigotry.

I cannot remember ever feeling such personal pride working on a cause that I so deeply believe in. Please take a look for yourself and if you are equally moved, would you mind sharing this video with your friends and family, (via an email, a post, a blog or a tweet), and asking them to pass it on as well? Many of those who’ve viewed this are asking about connecting this initiative with further outreach programs (schools, companies, etc.). The ADL is more than happy to help facilitate this, and I, personally, will help you as well.

Although this has only been posted a few hours, the press has been gracious enough to want to help spread the word, including MTV, Google, and Bono. We have already reached thousands, and the day is still young.

Who knows? Maybe, together we can reach a billion people.

And help create an even greater awareness of just how wonderful this world would be without hate and prejudice.

I can imagine it.

Can you?

“Imagine a World Without Hate”:

Warm regards,