Pacific Partners LLC is a private equity and advisory firm, specializing in healthcare, media and communications investments.


Experience Matters

Pacific Partners is led by Douglas Karp, an experienced private equity investor with twenty years experience sourcing, managing and exiting investments in growth companies. Building on his experience with Warburg Pincus, Tailwind Capital, Salomon Brothers and the Boston Consulting Group, Pacific combines deep experience in understanding the unique challenges with the specialized expertise necessary for successful investment in fast-growing companies.

Focused on Growth

We believe that growth companies require special care and attention, captured in the term “Capital Plus”. During the past twenty years, we have developed the appropriate expertise necessary to bring value to companies growing at the speed of light. Growth companies face an array of issues different from those challenging larger businesses and therefore require specialized expertise.

Strong Commitment

Pacific brings independent, unconflicted investment and advisory services to management teams, Boards of Directors, and investors seeking the necessary capital and expertise to grow their business. Our commitment is to bring the best practices of the most successful private equity and advisory firms to the small and middle market. Pacific Partners is the continuation of our generation-long commitment to growth companies and their exceptional creators and managers.


Douglas M. Karp

575 Madison Ave,
24th Floor
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